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The efficiency and safety of vacuum lifting make it ideal for loading and unloading large quantities of pipe.


Vacuum lifters are for use in lifting all diameters and various types of pipe from steel and concrete to plastic.  The LT30 vacuum lifter uses a diesel engine coupled with a high volume vacuum pump and lifting pad to create a powerful seal which can lift up to 30,000 lbs.  Each machine is fitted with lifting pads that create the seal required for the machine to draw a vacuum between pipe and pad when the rubber seals come in contact with the pipe.  The lifting pads come in a variety of diameters to fit project specific pipe diameters. 

Typically the lifter is used as an excavator attachment to lift and position pipe as needed.  This allows the operator to move the pipe in a smooth rotating motion versus using a sideboom and turning the entire machine to position the pipe.  Once the pad is in place the operator pushes a remote button from the cab of the excavator, engaging a vacuum valve that causes the pump to draw a vacuum.  The vacuum created between the pipe and lifting pad keeps the pipe attached to the lifter, allowing the operator to lift and move the pipe until the vacuum on the pad is released.





The LT30 Vacuum Lifter is an excavator attachment designed to lift pipe and other products.  It enables the operator to move products efficiently from one location to another.
Safety features are an important part of vacuum lifter design and operation.   The LT30 has audible and visual alarms to alert the excavator operator to a low vacuum condition or other malfunction so damage to the product or machine can be avoided.  In addition, a radio remote control is used to operate the vacuum lifter.  The radio signal is digitally encoded and uses spread spectrum technology to prevent possible outside interference.
The most durable, industrial duty components and parts available are used to build the self-contained lifter.  All components on the LT30 vacuum lifter are carefully chosen for their durability and operating endurance under harsh conditions.  The LT30 is specifically designed to operate routinely in below zero temperatures.



All LT30 design features give our customers an operational and financial advantage. 


· Remote operation of the engine means fewer hours on the machine.

· Industrial duty components produce a more durable machine that can run several thousand hours without major component failure.

· Fewer ground personnel required, making operations less expensive, more efficient, and safer.

· Responsive, knowledgeable customer service and training before, during, and after your purchase.



Sabre International, LLC. Is your trusted authorized dealer and distributor for all your vacuum lifter needs through Lift Technologies, Inc.



Lift Technologies, Inc. has manufactured high quality vacuum lifting equipment since 2005, with 10+ years experience in building vacuum lifting equipment.

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